Quality Process

Over the last 70 years, electronic components have become a crucial element in the manufacturing of electronic devices. Starting with the transistor, our knowledge of components has grown exponentially.

BDR Technologies provides a full range of electronic services. You can contact us for failure analysis, testing, development, and documentation. Instrumentation and controls are areas of special expertise using analog, digital, power, RF communications and mixed technologies.

When you source electronic components through BDR Technologies you are protected by our unlimited guarantee.

We are so confident in our supplier network that in the rare event that the components you purchase from BDR Technologies fail to meet manufacturer specifications, we will either replace the parts or refund the purchase price. There is no time limit to this guarantee. We are compliant with ISO practices and we put all components into rigorous testing before we ship. Every supplier is audited once per year and we perform site visits on a regular basis.